More Awards and Nominations for This Little Love

We're excited to announce The Film Artists' music video This Little Love has been nominated for even more awards around the world. Our music video has just made the "Official Selection" at the Boomtown Film & Music Festival in Beaumont, Texas and recently Won an Award for "Best Music" in Toronto at altFF - Alternative Film Festival 2017.

this little love - jazz music video
music: jacelyn parry - singaporean jazz artist
producer & vfx: the film artists
creative concept, writer and director: paul mcdonnell
winner: best music video - palestrina, italy - movieclub short film festival
finalist: best music video - los angeles cinefest
finalist: best music video - cluj-napoca, transylvania - best film awards
winner: best music - toronto - altff alternative film festival
official selection: best experimental / music video - beaumont, texas - boomtown film and music festival

The Lynch Mob - Ray White Moorabbin - Cinema Ad.

The Film Artists is pleased to present Ray White Moorabbin's new Cinema Ad The Lynch Mob. The Ad will screen at Village Cinemas in Southland 55 times a day ~ before every film shown. It will be seen by over 1.1 million viewers - that's a huge audience for a locally targeted Ad.

Produced in three countries, The Lynch Mob was filmed in Melbourne, Australia, the music composed and recorded in Rome, Italy and the motion design done on the Spanish Island of Fuerteventura.

Being an Australian Ad, we played on the Lynch family name and the Mob, an Aboriginal term for family. The client has received fantastic praise from the public for it's self deprecating humour and originality. Thank-you to the wonderful team at Ray White Moorabbin - you look amazing!

the lynch mob - cinema ad - 4K
client: ray white moorabbin - realestate agents
creative director, writer and director: paul mcdonnell
producer: jeanne-marie cilento
music: rino d'anna, animation and motion design: dario genuardi

Yowie Is Back!

The Film Artists is excited to be part of DG Global's new campaign to relaunch Yowie in Australia. #YowieIsBack

yowie is back - relaunching yowie in australia
client: yowie - chocolate with toy that promotes endangered animals
agency: dg global, executive producer: simon creely
creative director, writer and director: paul mcdonnell
animation, environment, lighting and rendering: the film artists - andrew k
music: rino d'anna, character models: zac creative, online: Yosh - Lorenzo Lorefice

Look out for our Yowie Buses driving around the streets of Sydney!

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Italian Men's Vogue - Double Issue.

The Film Artists' Producer and Director, Paul McDonnell is featured in the Double Issue of Italian Men's Vogue alongside Cate Blanchett & Baz Luhrmann.

Paul and The Film Artists - Winner of two Awards in two weeks.

The Film Artists director Paul McDonnell has received two awards in the film and advertising industry.

A music video written and directed by Paul McDonnell has just picked up an award for "Best Visual Effects". The annual international Short Film Festival Awards in December in Palestrina - a beautiful hill top town just out of Rome in Italy. Paul was presented the award by Actor and Television Presenter Michele Mirabella.

Below is the award winning music video. It was produced by The Film Artists.

this little love - music video
music: jacelyn parry - singaporean jazz singer
producer & vfx: the film artists
creative concept, writer and director: paul mcdonnell
awarded: best music video

A commercial by our director Paul McDonnell picked up an award for "Best Visual Effects and Animation" by MediaKey - in the 45th edition of Italia's annual advertising industry awards. The award was presented in Milan on the 27th of November at the Elfo Puccini Theatre.

Below is the award winning commercial. It was produced with Buddy for TBWA Italy.

you&eni - credit card launch
client: eni - one of the europe's largest energy companies
agency: tbwa italy, producer: buddy
creative concept, writer and director: paul mcdonnell
awarded: best commercial of the year

Multi Award Winning music video for Liam Burrows - You Shook Me.

The Film Artists just picked up two awards for Liam Burrows music video. Best Music Video (peoples choice) and Best Visual Effects (Jury prize). The Awards were presented in Palestrina, Italy.

Paul McDonnell directed a poetic music video for Australian Jazz Artist Liam Burrows. It narrates that his world has been shaken and nothing can fall. You Shook Me was filmed in Melbourne - Australia and the Visual Effects were created in Rome - Italy.

liam burrows, you shook me - jazz music video
client: jack strom - showbiz management
producer: the film artists
director: paul mcdonnell
awarded: best short film, best music video

Wild Oats, The Film Artists' Executive Producer Sasha Yelaun.

From the talented Director of Hitch, Sweet Home Alabama, & Fools Rush in, Andy Tennant, Wild Oats opened to 100 screens in select cities on September 16th. The Film Artist’s own Sasha Yelaun is an Executive Producer on the project.

Eva "SHIRLEY MACLAINE", a widow and retired history teacher, enjoys a quiet life in a small town. Everything changes when Eva receives a life insurance check made out for $5,000,000 instead of the expected $50,000. At the not so gentle urging of her best friend Maddie "JESSICA LANGE", Eva deposits the money and they run away to the Canary Islands to experience the glamorous life. However, their fantasy is short-lived. They quickly become fugitives forced to outwit conmen, confront a Spanish warlord, and outmaneuver a dogged insurance agent who has teamed up with Eva’s daughter "DEMI MOORE" to find them.

From The Film Artists Producer, Sasha Yelaun - Ten Thousand Saints.

From one of TFA's producers, Sasha Yelaun - Ten Thousand Saints.

The Oscar-nominated directors of American Splender, Robert Pulcini and Sheri Berman, skillfully show us on a journey back to the past late 80s CBGB period in Manhattan. Adapted from a best-selling novel, the film has a vintage feel, alongside a very raw and emotional story featuring an ensemble cast including Ethan Hawke, Haile Steinfeld, Emile Hirsch, and Asa Butterfield.

Set in the 1980s, following tragedy, teenage Jude (Asa Butterfield) moves from Vermont to New York City to live with his father (Ethan Hawke) in the punk-fueled East Village. Caught in the chaos of city life, Jude and his friends, Eliza and Teddy (Hailee Steinfeld and Emile Hirsch) embark on a journey of self-realization in a neighborhood on the verge of riots.