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The Film Artists multi-award winning production team is located in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Awards and Nominations

Click the titles below to watch over 30 full examples of our Award Winning work:

A range of commercials featuring real people and award winning animation.

Animation and VFX
Your inner child will love our beautiful animation work.

Music Videos
If you like Jazz, you'll love our multi-award winning poetic music videos.

For Ads, Animation, VFX and Music Videos. The Film Artists takes care of you every step of the way.

   Our original concept is brought to life with beautiful artwork tailored to you.

   Write or help you with your script.

   Cast the perfect talent through our broad network of local and international agents.

   Depending on your previs needs, we offer a storyboard through to a CG animatic.

   We provide the right film crew tailored to your job, and can design your set.

   Editing, animation, vfx, compositing, colour-grade, sound and original music.

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We look forward to helping you with any of our services, or offer complete "Concept to Delivery".