FOR YOU the feature film

Genre: Romantic Drama / Comedy

Duration: 110 minutes

When the handsome, young son of a wealthy Roman family meets the love of his life only to lose her at once, he rejects his parents' plans for him and travels to France to reclaim his lost love and own life.

CASTING and in PRE-PRODUCTION are on hold because of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Director: Paul McDonnell (This Little Love, You Shook Me)

Writers: Paul McDonnell, Jeanne-Marie Cilento (This Little Love) & Gianni Quinto (Campo de' Fiori)

Executive Producer: Buddy Patrick (The Butler, Hacksaw Ridge, Split, Hereditary)

Producers: Joey Tufaro (Kidnap, Maggie) & Sasha Yelaun (Animal Crackers, 10,000 Saints)

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